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How to get Soundcloud Promotion?

Soundcloud is certainly a great platform to get your musical or instrumental or let’s say melodious voice, get heard. Music is a passion for many and to be honest, it a great passion to possess. But, if you are thinking it as your future career, then maybe you need some time to promote yourself from the scratch so you can get to the career level with a brighter vision and a bit of people in love with your music as well.

Music is nothing without promotion. If you don’t promote yourself and your music, then your passion is at waste for sure. However, here are simple ways you can get the Soundcloud promotion.

1.    Go PRO:

This is a matter of budget. If you can afford taking out $15 per month, then get the PRO account on Soundcloud. The PRO account offers you some powerful tools, which prove to help you in promoting your music with less efforts. A great way or let’s say the best.

2.    What about an Email list?

Promoting music will get you followers or let’s say fans. Keep them updated about your new singles and when is it going to release. That is where the newsletter will help you and the followers to keep up with you. Keep them excited.

3.    YouTube:

YouTube is a great platform to share your music at. Your music not only gets promoted, but it is done so on a high scale.

4.    Marketing Company:

This might sound again amatter of budget, but what about hiring a marketing company? You can browse the web for the top Soundcloud marketing companies and lay your hands on the best one. Moreover, the best ones will already have a connection with the great music industry people; another plus for you.

5.    Socializing:

Don’t leave your music on Soundcloud and go to sleep. Promotion means to spread it. Connect your Soundcloud account with your various social websites like Twitter or Facebook and let people know about your new music or single. Leaving your profile public about your music can also help. You can also start your own page on


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